Good morning everyone!

I have this piece of code to filter some json results retrieved from a database
                xtype: 'button',
                text: 'Pesquisar',
                renderTo: 'alunos',
                handler: function(){
                                load.filter('name', Ext.getCmp("nomeAluno").getValue() , true, false );

I use this in a search field. The problem?
Let's say I want to find everyone named 'Bruno' on my database, I type 'Bruno' on the textfield, click on search and I will get a lot of Brunos

Bruno Miranda
Bruno Fonseca

BUT if I search for Miranda, it won't return the first Bruno. It only looks up the first word of every record, but I'd like it to match "Bruno Miranda" too, if I search for "Miranda"

Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thanks in advance!