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Thread: Binding to NestedList Component from Web Service

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    Default Binding to NestedList Component from Web Service

    I am attempting to consume a WCF service that returns JSON in the format disclosed below. I am able to bind to the rootProperty "GetStormNoticesResult", however when attempting to access the child node "Notices", I keep get the root level listing. My question is aside from the examples on Nested List that provide a specific "text/item" format of JSON, how do I bind a NestedList where I do not have specific control over the format of the JSON or quite simply are there examples out there with Nested Lists that consume web services and not local .json data files? Thanks in advance.

    { "GetStormNoticesResult" : [ { "HurricaneSeason" : "/Date(1338523200000-0400)/",
            "ID" : 1,
            "Name" : "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac",
            "Notices" : [ { "ID" : 1,
                  "ImageUrl" : "",
                  "Message" : "Hurricane Isaac was a slow-moving tropical cyclone that caused severe damage along the northern Gulf Coast of the United States in late-August 2012. Prior to becoming a hurricane, Isaac attained one of the lowest barometric pressure measurements, on August 28, for any storm below hurricane strength, with a pressure of 976. The ninth tropical cyclone, ninth named storm, and fourth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Isaac developed from a tropical wave located east of the Lesser Antilles on August 21, strengthening into a tropical storm later that day. Isaac passed over Hispaniola and Cuba as a strong tropical storm, killing at least 34 people in Hispaniola, before it entered the Gulf of Mexico.",
                  "PostDate" : "/Date(1349710020000-0400)/",
                  "Subject" : "First Notice"
                { "ID" : 2,
                  "ImageUrl" : "",
                  "Message" : "BATON ROUGE, La.  Hurricane Isaac has cut Louisiana's pecan harvest by 15 percent, Louisiana State University's AgCenter estimates.",
                  "PostDate" : "/Date(1349710320000-0400)/",
                  "Subject" : "Isaac Blamed for Reduced Pecan Crop"
          { "HurricaneSeason" : "/Date(715017600000-0400)/",
            "ID" : 2,
            "Name" : "Hurricane Andrew",
            "Notices" : null
        ] }
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