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Thread: GXT3 - Save (stream) chart to server

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    Default GXT3 - Save (stream) chart to server


    we're doing extensive charting using GXT3 and we would like to save generated charts so that they could be attached to PDF document. Is there any way to send generated GXT3 chart back to server? I found function for ExtJS, but I don't see anything similar for GXT3.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Already asked some time ago, this is not planned by Sencha (or wasn't at the time of the reply) because GXT is a client-side technology while what we are asking is to be done on the server.

    Highcharts does this by sending the chart data to the server (via Ajax, I suppose). The server then runs the same JavaScript code to generate the SVG data and render it to a bitmap image or a PDF format, using Rhino and Batik, although some mentioned alternate solutions using Qt and its WebKit binding to do an off-display browser rendering.

    Altenatively, perhaps with some JavaScript, it might be possible to extract the generated SVG from the Dom of the browser's page and send it directly to the server. Hard to do in a portable way (and on IE, that's a VML rendering).

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