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Thread: NYtimes Mobile App – Sencha? If so, how do they...

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    Default NYtimes Mobile App – Sencha? If so, how do they...

    I just read that the NYTimes redesigned their mobile apps with Sencha touch. Is this true for all of their apps, including their Android app?

    If so, I see significantly better performance in their Android app than my own Sencha Touch Android app. For example, the scrolling of lists is smooth and responsive, unlike my own app.

    I'm wondering how they were able to get such good performance out of Sencha Touch on Android?

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    I can't comment on the NYTimes doing all their mobile apps with Sencha Touch but it's true that they did use Sencha Touch.

    How they did it, well, you can ask them as it's their app and their code and up to them (or anyone else involved) if they want to release how they did it.
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