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Thread: Ext.form.field.textArea copy selected text

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    Default Ext.form.field.textArea copy selected text

    Hey Everyone,
    Recently I have been looking into how to copy text from a grid to the cilpboard without having to resort to using a Flash object or forcing users to mess around with their brower's settings.  After a bit of searching I came across this work around:, which suggests that one simply creates a window containing the text the user wishes to copy to their clipboard. This solution works great and I am trying to implement a similar solution using ext, however I have been unable to make my window (and its containing textarea) so that hitting crtl+c will copy the text contained within it. Has anyone else ran into this issue and know a way to copy text from a textarea?

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    So you want to select a cell and be able to press ctrl + C to copy it to the clipboard? Or you want to do it with a textarea? Or you want to be able to select text in a grid with the mouse?
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