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Thread: Ext.ux.grid.GridSummary's Problem

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    Default Ext.ux.grid.GridSummary's Problem


    I am new to Extjs3.4, recently I met some headache probems with the summary plugin:Ext.ux.grid.GridSummary.

    at first,I got a version of this plugin online,I used it as plugin in a EditorGridPanel, but unfortunately, when the grid has many collumns, and the the scroll bar appeared , I found that the summary row was alway at the bottom of the grid,just under the scroll bar, like this:

    then I got another version of this plugin,this time,the summary row is above the scroll bar,but another problem is: after Editing a cell , the scroll bar will automatically run at the right ,then made a mismatch between collumns to be summary and the summay result on the summary row,like the picture below:

    How can I solve this problem, any ideas? thanks a lot.
    Marco Chiang

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    I personally haven't seen these issues. You are using 3.4.0 (or .1) with what browser? Have a test case I can run locally to reproduce?
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