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    Default SASS compile the apple.scss- and the layout changed..??


    I have a selectfield connected to a store with numbers 1-12.
    And when you like to change the number a picker comes up.
    use picker: fales, so no done,cancel.

    The thing is that the layout container is smaller after compiling,
    so some buttons is not viewed.

    plus that the picker looks different,
    I sent a screenshot, sass_error.png
    The container is changed so the container is smaller,
    plus that the selectpicker has more then one 'v'.

    Like to have the picker to looks like this example:!/api/Ext.field.Select

    Just apple blue and a white 'v'.

    Then the sass_error_scorecard.png,
    it should also show up to four columns,
    but the container is smaller.

    Please help me as soon as possible.

    / Mike
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