I thought I should let the community know of my recent work with Sencha ExtGWT (GXT).
I've been documenting my code, challenges, solutions, and experiences with GXT for as long as I care to remember, coupled with common help topics posted to online forums, I decided to publish this as a collection of recipes targeted at beginning/intermediate GXT developers, so as to ease the learning curve and help improve existing skill-set.

Titled ExtGWT Rich Internet Application Cookbook, its a fast paced and concise tutorial guide for ExtGWT with lucid and ready-to-use recipes. The screenshots and the code examples really make the book very comprehensive and interesting.

What you will learn from the book
  • Use ExtGWTs very rich UI widgets
  • Create stunning UIs with several Layouts and Templates
  • Visualize data with beautiful and interactive Charts as well as third party visualization kits
  • Build and assemble Widgets that are bound to remote data
  • Create a custom theme or customize an existing one
  • Easily apply MVP, EventBus, Code Splitting, and other GWT best practices
  • Add Push functionality to your web apps with Comet
  • Start taking advantage of HTML5

Grab a copy here :

If anyone is interested in reviewing the book on their blog/website or Amazon.com, the publisher's are offering an e-book. Feel free to contact snehmank@packtpub.com

Lets hear your opinions, comments and suggestions.