I have some BarChart/ColumnChart with about 30 spans. I use:
visibleRange: [0,0.2]
This enables scroll on charts.

The problem/bug is that the scroll experience is very different than the rest og the application. It does not have momentum and the performance is not very good. Not even on a iPhone 4s. This makes the charts feel very "alien" and not very integrated.
This is feedback I have from a test group. It was the biggest problem with the whole application.

I was hoping that a temporary and far from perfect solution would be to give the Charts a fixed height and give the parent (Panel) Scroll. But even with SVG this lags so much that its not a option.

I have tested Google Charts SVG implementation with Sencha Touch 2 Panel+Scroll and this seems to perform a lot better.

How should I fix this issue? A good temporary solution would be great!