The Problem:
The company I'm working for, have started a rather large project, which is going to live on Ext, for the most part. Getting started, were finding it a difficult task, to work with source control (in our case Team Foundation Services). It would be easy enough, for one developer, As they could just check out the entire project, and avoid, saving/deployment issues with Architect. (TFS locks files you don't have checked out) and architect, tends to always at the vary least save, app.html, and several meta files, every time you save. We also have set up the deployment, to deploy, to a parallel directory, were our Server side code is (ASP.NET MVC). Were having a vary hard time, checking code in, out, without completely over writing, someone else changes. or check in's failing. in this case because, in order for concurrent development, developers have had to "unlock" there folders, which TFS, does not check in these files in, because they weren't thought to be checked out in the first place. it does note that there different, in the logs, but does not handle them in a vary strait forward manner.

Main question:
So my question, to you guys is, how do you currently implement Architect, and Source control in your team environments, and what suggestions would you make in how we could improve ours. and which files have you found necessary, to keep in/out of source control.

First thought:
Some idea's I've had, is to just do the GUI in Architect, and do everything else in another IDE. But several of the developers are new to ExtJS, and Architect is an annoying, but great learning tool.