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Thread: Integrating Google chart with ExtJs 4-MVC

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    Default Integrating Google chart with ExtJs 4-MVC

    Hello forum members,

    I have been working on a ExtJs 4 - MVC based project which looks almost like Complex dashboard example. I have a combobox which contains different types of charts like line chart, pie chart, bubble plot,geo chart etc. Whenever I select any chart from combobox I want to get respective chart in the center panel(border layout). I could able to implement line chart and pie chart using built-in chart APIs available for ExtJs. Now I want to integrate Google chart library with my application (For Ex: Google's bubble chart library ). After integrating the chart with EtxJs how do I implement click handling in google chart? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: I'm a newbie to ExtJs. I still don't understand MVC in ExtJs completely. So detailed explanation would be really helpful.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You would have to listen for the event on the element (or from google api) and fire the event on the Ext JS component. Once the event is fired on the component, any controller can then listen for it.
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