Does anyone have any information on how to properly run a Sencha Architect MVC app in LifeRay?
Designing, and running an app using architect(in a simple local apache server for mock up purposes) seems to work perfectly. My problem is trying to convert this over to use our LifeRay portal(ver 6)
I have tried to use Senchas build tools to create a jsb and build all into one JS script, but that seems to be missing required classes, and it says it is missing files, "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - htp://localhost:8080/web/www/senchaTest/view/MainViewport.js?_dc=1350398599155".
I have been searching for good info on how to run a Sencha MVC app in LifeRay, with the proper setups, but have not found any information out there.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction?