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Thread: Grid header - eliminate space taken by arrow for menu?

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTGWT-2507 in 3.0.5.
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    Default Grid header - eliminate space taken by arrow for menu?

    When one has a Grid, there are headers along the top for each column. By default, each of these has a menu - hovering near the right edge of a given header shows a downward-pointing triangle, and clicking on that will show a menu, by default giving sorting options, and column selection options.

    I know that on the ColumnConfig I can call setMenuDisabled(true). This will eliminate the menu from showing up.

    I have also set the alignment to RIGHT on the ColumnConfig. However, even when the menu is disabled, the ColumnConfig is not entirely right-aligned, but moved slightly to the left as if to make space for the header menu icon.

    This causes the data in the column to not be aligned exactly with the header.

    Is there a way to both disable the menu and remove the space that the menu icon in the header leaves behind, so that right edge of the text in the header lines up with the right edge of the text in the rows below? If so, how?

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    The problem is that the DIV element on the header gets a padding right of 16px assigend. This happens in ColumnHeader.refresh. You will need to override that methods and remove the padding again.

    I will move this to the bugs forum so we can maybe fix this directly in GXT.

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