Sencha version tested:

  • Touch Charts 2.0.0 beta - 2.0.0b
Browser versions tested against:
  • Safari on third generation iPads running iOS 6
  • We have a fairly complex application running reasonably well on a variety of iOS & Android phones and pads. On upgrading to iOS 6 on our iPads we have a new issue. For periods of time all of our buttons require multiple presses before acting. Sometimes 5 or even 8 presses are needed. The buttons transition from normal to pressed to normal immediately, as though without a handler. By chance we stumbled on a workaround. When this happens we begin touching the screen with the lightest possible touch (we call it feather-touch) and the buttons respond perfectly every time, as does the app. A stylus has the same effect. Obviously the touch area is probably the primary result of the feather touch but our buttons are pretty big and were big enough before the iOS upgrade.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • None at this time. It comes and goes when we run our app but 10 minutes of usage is guaranteed to invoke a several minute occurrence. We wanted to get the feather-touch workaround out as quickly as possible in case anyone else was being frustrated by the issue. I don't think we see it on the example apps. We'll see if we can put together a case.
The result that was expected:
  • Working buttons and app as before
The result that occurs instead:
  • Button require many presses unless feather-touch is employed
Test Case:

  • none at this time