I seem to have found a bug in the program.
I have a project with two controllers and three views.
The main viewport is created automatically (autoCreateViewport property is true).
I want only two of these views are loaded when the application starts and I want the third view is loaded only when is loaded the second controller.
In fact, the second controller references correctly the third view and it is only referenced by this controller and no any other objects.
Nevertheless, when the application starts, while the second controller correctly is not loaded, the third view is loaded anyway.
The problem for me lies in the file "Viewport.js" that is automatically created by the program:

Ext.define ('App.view.Viewport', {
extend: 'App.view.AppViewport',
renderTo: Ext.getBody (),
requires: [

As you can see, in my opinion, the error is that the file is created including all the views in the project in the "requires" property, regardless of whether or not the views are to be obtained later, according to various settings of the project.
In my case, View3 should not be included in the list.
I think it would be appropriate to correct the creation and editing of the file "Viewport.js."

Thanks in advance.