Sencha Architect won't open the project I have successfully working on yesterday. Until I closed SA everything was fine - no errors neither in SA nor in deployed JS generated. Then when I reopened the project next day, SA started to crash with an "unknown error":


Removing Sencha folder under my AppData\Local and reinstallation of SA don't help. Other projects (including earlier versions of that one) open fine. New projects can be also created and saved, only happens with particular project.

I'd say project source is corrupted (also I see no obvious errors in its JSONs myself), but no project files have been modified outside of SA, the development has been done entirely in SA. If they were corrupted, that was probably done by SA itself.

OS version: Windows 7 64bit
Sencha Architect version:

The problematic project archive is attached. 2012-10-16.xda (the problem is the same for the archive and for the imported project).

Thanks in advance and please feel free to ask for details if needed.