I have a DataView with a bunch of fieldsets. Inside these fieldsets are just a text field, and a toggle switch. I am able to create the DataView just fine with no performance issues, however, when I try to set it as the active item in a card panel, I get significant performance issues. I have checked out my JavaScript profiler, which has told me that 42.18% of my total program processes is eaten up by this call. I have traced this back to Ext.util.SizeMonitor#refreshPosition which gets called 174 times, in my case, resulting in around 35.25%.
Has anybody had any experience with this issue at all? This is my first time making a dataview with useComponents = true; Here is my problem code below...

PHP Code:
var formPanel Ext.ComponentQuery.query('panel#formViewer')[0];
formDataView Ext.create('app.view.FormDataView');