Some Progress.

When I generate an app with Architect, it creates app.js at the top level of the project as you noted above. If I create an empty app with Architect (drag nothing to the canvas) and subsequently run sencha generate app then the generate command runs to completion without errors. After the sencha generate command I have an app.js file at the top level and another one in the app/ subdirectory. How do I get both Architect and sencha cmd to use the same file?

When I generate an app with Architect and add anything to the canvas (so I can see something when previewing it), the sencha generate command errors out as detailed in my previous posts.

So the issue appears to be related to the two copies of app.js, one created and maintained by Architect, and another created by sencha generate app.

You noted something related to this in one of your posts, but since the error I see happens on the initial run of sencha generate, I do not have the option of editing the config file in the .sencha directory because that directory does not exist prior to running sencha generate app.

All I am trying to do is to set up a work flow where I generate and maintain an app with Architect and use sencha cmd to create a production build when needed.