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There was just a lengthy outage on the sencha forum. Since it coincided with the Amazon EC2 outage that affected a ton of sites, I'm going to assume that was the problem.

I've already provided a lot of feedback on where the search is still lacking, but so far all I get is "not a priority at this time."

I don't know what happened to my feedback. It's frustrating to take valuable time out of an already time starved day to write something up that'll simply vanish. So now, in order to cover my ass I've resorted to typing this up in an external editor, then cut/pasting it back into the forum dialog.

Regarding the forum search:

I preferred the mechanism in the previous version where the search was available at deeper levels within the forum categories. The new mechanism is awkward. It's only available at the top level of the hierarchy and the form to define filters is a bit cryptic. In the previous version, one went into an advanced search from the forum category (Ext JS, Sencha Touch 2, Sencha Touch 1) and provided the search text along with other filter criteria, such as which forum categories to include in the search.

I suspect this is still a possibility within the new search, but I have to learn something new that I already knew how to do, and in return there's no perceivable improvement.

That's frustrating.

It's unfortunate that the search is "not a priority at this time". In my view it's taken a step backwards. I'm less likely to use a feature that's meant to draw a user into the forums - not repel them.