Hello, we are from Argentina, sorry my English. We develope a medium application, about 500.000 records in the database. We use to create Forms the AbsoluteLayout class. For example:

this.setLayout(new AbsoluteLayout()); // my FormPanel

// myComponent is an object that can be a Label, TextField, CheckBox, etc.
// widgetPanel is a ContentPanel

widgetPanel.setPosition(myComponent.getX(), myComponent.getY());
widgetPanel.add((Widget) myComponent);

this.add(widgetPanel); // add the component in an absolute position and size

Ok, now we start to migrate to new version, we have a top layer that hide the componentes, for example: Buttons extends SenchaButton so there is no problem to migrate the application. But the BIG problem are we can't find a similar way to position the componentes in Absolute position and size with GXT 3.0

Can you help us with this? We spent a lot of time finding a solution in Internet, but at the moment we fail.