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Thread: Build my App for Production (Sencha Touch

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    Default Unanswered: Build my App for Production (Sencha Touch

    Hi, I'm trying to build my App for production.

    I am following this guide:

    ut my index.html file is very different from the example:

    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML><html manifest="" lang="en-US"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>WorldcApp</title>    <style type="text/css">         /**         * Example of an initial loading indicator.         * It is recommended to keep this as minimal as possible to provide instant feedback         * while other resources are still being loaded for the first time         */        html, body {            height: 100%;            background-color: #1985D0        }
            #appLoadingIndicator {            position: absolute;            top: 50%;            margin-top: -15px;            text-align: center;            width: 100%;            height: 30px;            -webkit-animation-name: appLoadingIndicator;            -webkit-animation-duration: 0.5s;            -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite;            -webkit-animation-direction: linear;        }
            #appLoadingIndicator > * {            background-color: #FFFFFF;            display: inline-block;            height: 30px;            -webkit-border-radius: 15px;            margin: 0 5px;            width: 30px;            opacity: 0.8;        }
            @-webkit-keyframes appLoadingIndicator{            0% {                opacity: 0.8            }            50% {                opacity: 0            }            100% {                opacity: 0.8            }        }    </style>	<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>	<!-- The line below must be kept intact for Sencha Command to build your application -->	<script id="microloader" type="text/javascript" src="sdk/microloader/development.js"></script></head><body>    <div id="appLoadingIndicator">        <div></div>        <div></div>        <div></div>    </div></body></html>
    How can I do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Looks like you are using Sencha Command, take a look at this guide!/guide/command
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