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Thread: Template.append is not working with Chrome and Firefox new versions.

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    Default Template.append is not working with Chrome and Firefox new versions.

    Hi all,

    we have an web application using Extjs and it was working very well.

    Since Firefox 10, some code using Template and the append method doesn't work anymore.
    No error appears but the template is no more inserted in the page.

    I've tried on Chrome but it is the same.

    Only IE is working.

    Somebody have an idea ?

    Here our code :

    //Selection of the template through a listbox
    var tplId = typeSelection + "_template";
    var tplElem = Ext.get(tplId);
    var t;
    if (tplElem) {
    t = Ext.Template.from(tplId);
    else {
    t = Ext.Template.from("empty_template");

    //perso is a table with id "ec25_form_personnal" where the template will be inserted
    var perso = Ext.get("ec25_form_personnal");
    var bodyPerso = Ext.DomQuery.selectNode("tbody", perso.dom);
    //remove the precedent template if it exists before the insert of the new choice
    if(bodyPerso) {
    var elem = Ext.get(bodyPerso);

    t.append(perso, {form: this.getFormId()});


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    Can I get a complete and locally runnable test case?
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