I'm trying to use XTemplate to display Row information of a Grid:

List<User> users = new ArrayList<User>();
users.add(new User("John", "Smith"));
users.add(new User("Bob", "James"));
UserList list = new UserList(users);

XTemplate tpl = XTemplate.create(getTemplate());

RowExpander expander = new RowExpander();
if (showExpand){

Here is the code the the getTemplate():

public native String getTemplate() /*-{
return ['<p>Details: ',
'<tpl for=".">',
'<p>{#}</p>', // use current array index to autonumber

However I'm quite new to XTemplate and that I can't seem to make it work. I just copied some source with the samples.

Basically, what I am trying to do is just to render the above `List<User>` as:

1 First Name: John - Last Name: Smith
2 First Name: Bob - Last Name: James

Here is the **User** and **UserList** models:

class User extends BaseModelData {
public User(String firstName, String lastName){
set("firstname", firstName);
set("lastname", lastName);

class UserList extends BaseModelData {
public UserList(List<User> list){
set("users", list);
public List getUsers(){
return get("users");
public void setUsers(List users) {
set("users", users);

This is how the Grid is declared:

Grid grid = new Grid<ModelData>(new ListStore<ModelData>(), new ColumnModel(columns));