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Thread: Combine Sencha Touch with iOS Native Application

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    Default Combine Sencha Touch with iOS Native Application

    Hi, I'm looking at the situation where integration existing iOS native application with the sencha touch charting features.

    However, there are several challenges as below:
    by having a webview on the iOS native, and viewing the embedded HTML/javascript in the iOS native application, it's possible to show the chart, however, consider the following two issues arise:

    1- Interaction from Native code to Sencha Touch (Objective-C to Javascript/HTML5)
    how to update and sending data to the sencha touch chart? My thought is create a 'dynamic string of those HTMLs, and substitute the value part with variables, each time, updating the variable, update the value, and reload the webview in the iOS to show and update chart.

    2. Interaction from Sencha Touch to Native Code ? (Javascript/HTML trigger/callback the objective c code?)
    for an instance, click on the bar chart in the Sencha Touch, I would like to obtain the value of the bar that I clicked on, or some relevant information such as 'category', chart name, bar name, value.. etc.. what I could think of maybe using the Sencha Touch, 'write json' class to create any Json file, to be picked up and read by the objective-c native code part.. However, even with that, this is unable to trigger any function of the native code. thus.. any comment or suggestion on this hybrid approach development- native code to javascript/ html5 and vice-versa?

    appreciates, thanks..
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    It sounds like you are overcomplicating your application. Either go with ST2 or stay native.
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