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Thread: How to pass data other than through setrecord

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    Default Answered: How to pass data other than through setrecord

    In my controller I have this function:

    activateListView: function (record) {
            var listaView = this.getListaView();
            Ext.Viewport.animateActiveItem(listaView, this.slideLeftTransition);
    I know setRecord is used for form fields...but is there any way I could pass the data so it can be used in html or in the title? I know setRecord works only when used in 'name' config on a textfield, but I need it in title or in html, e.g. html: [ Title: {title} ]. Hope I'm not too confusing.


    activateListView function is used on itemtap in a list... what I'm trying to achieve is get data for one item from the list in a separate view.

  2. If you have the tpl config set on the component the data will be applied to the tpl.

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