So I have been looking around the interwebs on how to store an EXT paging grid state on my server so that when users login back in their grid it is how they saved it.

I found this but it is an old and dead thread.
What I have right now is:

grid.getState() returns a map of all col sizes, sorts, and hidden fields.
here is an example dumped to string:

{offset=0, limit=25, widthfieldname1=161, widthfield2=110, hiddenfield3=true }

I could store these key/values in a simple table with fields (username, key, value) and recreate this map and pass it to the front end.
So here is my question:

Does anyone have a code example of a full implementation of storing, retrieving and apply a grid state for EXT 2.4?

If not. How would I go about implementing one? I am confident i could store the state map in the database or XML. I am lost on how to apply this to a new session. How do i apply this state map to a new grid?