The latest Sencha Cmd beta build is now available -

The highlights are improved UTF-8/multi-charset handling and correcting the overwriting issues with "sencha app upgrade". To use the new charset directive in your JS files, place this as the first line:

  //@charset ISO-8859-1
Instead of "ISO-8859-1", the value to the right of "charset" can be any valid Java charset name. The default is "UTF-8".

The "charset" directive is used to describe the encoding of an input JS file to the compiler. This does not effect the encoding of the output file. The content of the input file is converted to Unicode internally.

Also, auto-dependency detection has been improved so there should be fewer cases where you need "requires" or "uses" for the compiler and not the dev environment (due to synchronous loading).


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Bugs Fixes

Cmd (1)
  • TOUCH-3562 - Sencha generate app corrupts binary template files
Documentation (1)
  • SDKTOOLS-178 - Clarification on compiler debug directive
Misc (13)
  • SDKTOOLS-185 - Concatenate process does not properly encode French characters
  • SDKTOOLS-186 - Running sencha app build on CI server will hang trying to connect to device
  • SDKTOOLS-187 - Obfuscated third-party libraries using Ext JS require symbol metadata
  • SDKTOOLS-188 - [BUG] Sencha Cmd app upgrade
  • SDKTOOLS-193 - Concatenate encodes app-all.js using ANSI instead of UTF8
  • SDKTOOLS-195 - The sencha theme build command does not accept simple theme name argument
  • SDKTOOLS-198 - Compiler does not detect instantiation point auto-dependencies
  • SDKTOOLS-199 - Using 'upgrade' command overwrites files
  • SDKTOOLS-205 - Overeager matching for -namespace
  • SDKTOOLS-206 - Issue with exclude -all?
  • SDKTOOLS-207 - Ant clean target not working
  • SDKTOOLS-211 - JSB parse options get reset during compilation
  • SDKTOOLS-47 - Fetching Components via xtype