We are pleased to announce the availability of Ext JS 4.1.3 GA for support customers. The download can be found in the support portal.

These fixes, and those from Ext JS 4.1.2, will be rolled up in the next public release Ext JS 4.2.0.

The biggest change beyond the bug fixes is the ability to build the framework using Sencha Cmd like so:

   cd /path/to/extjs-4.1.3
   sencha ant build
This will work with an unzipped SDK or the partial SDK that gets copied into generated applications using Sencha Cmd.

You can get the latest Sencha Cmd here www.sencha.com/products/sencha-cmd


Bugs Fixed

Charts (9)
  • EXTJSIV-5500 - Style for chart line series not applied
  • EXTJSIV-6593 - Bars in bar chart are not aligned with labels using time axes
  • EXTJSIV-6611 - Column chart with date axis does not render properly
  • EXTJSIV-6931 - Labels on Time axis do not respect "step" config
  • EXTJSIV-6974 - Custom chart theme - colors incorrectly applied with stacked columns
  • EXTJSIV-6992 - Area chart x-axis does not handle ticks with different increments than the data points
  • EXTJSIV-7180 - Grid update. Updating selected row refocuses that row stealing focus from any previously focused element.
  • EXTJSIV-7210 - Chart losing label contrast after highlight
  • EXTJSIV-7220 - Some series charts that do not have a Category Axis defined do not render
Core (5)
  • EXTJSIV-6803 - Element content updating fails to update IMG src on IE.
  • EXTJSIV-7091 - Accessibility: Keyboard Feed Viewer: Unhiding "Author" column displays JS error
  • EXTJSIV-7309 - Missing key:value in Ext.Date.monthNumbers of the ext-lang-fr.js file
  • EXTJSIV-7484 - Splitter doesn't work with one hidden panel next to it
  • EXTJSIV-7486 - Date: UTC time zone offsets are no longer calculated
Data (4)
  • EXTJSIV-7215 - DomQuery does not support an attribute selector with a "." in it
  • EXTJSIV-7226 - Presence validation does not take boolean values into account
  • EXTJSIV-7269 - Ext.data.NodeInterface remove doesn't call destroy if parent is null
  • EXTJSIV-7422 - Field mapping should only honor 0 as a valid falsey value and ignore others
Documentation (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7102 - Missing itemclick in docs for Ext.chart.series.Series
  • EXTJSIV-7463 - Update docs for propertygrid.nameColumnWidth
Draw (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7243 - Drawing / Logos - Couple of Browser logos are displaying in Black & white color in FF
Examples (5)
  • EXTJSIV-7123 - Chart examples use xtype on constructed objects
  • EXTJSIV-7196 - Statusbar Advanced example problem hiding error popup
  • EXTJSIV-7268 - Charts/Filled Radar Chart - Getting JS error when click on Animate Button
  • EXTJSIV-7351 - Combination Examples - Web Desktop "Video is not playing" and error icon is displaying when select "About Ext JS" option in IE9
  • EXTJSIV-7434 - Typo in text for maxSelections on both MultiSelect and ItemSelector
Forms (11)
  • EXTJSIV-6069 - ComboBox reports incorrect value when non-unique display fields are used
  • EXTJSIV-6405 - Default ComboBox shrinkWrap width should match TextField
  • EXTJSIV-6959 - Focus lost when error tooltip displayed on modal window/form
  • EXTJSIV-6964 - HtmlEditor text highlight color is not working under html editor under Form-3 in FF browsers
  • EXTJSIV-7062 - Focus on combobox and datepicker removes the ability to close the row editor with "esc" key
  • EXTJSIV-7117 - ComboBox forceSelection doesn't fire select event
  • EXTJSIV-7204 - Ext.form.field.File could not be fully enabled after being disabled
  • EXTJSIV-7206 - A filefield initially hidden does not render the browse button correctly when shown
  • EXTJSIV-7314 - Forms Checkout form - Validation tool tip message is displaying even after entering required data in the text fields
  • EXTJSIV-7348 - NumberField ignores spinDownEnabled and spinUpEnabled configs
  • EXTJSIV-7396 - HtmlEditor: Editor is still focused after Source Edit is toggled off
Grid (19)
  • EXTJSIV-6431 - Grouping grid allows grouping by last visible column
  • EXTJSIV-7010 - Remote grid filtering doesn't work with locked column
  • EXTJSIV-7051 - Infinite grid: can't scroll to last row when cell height is changed
  • EXTJSIV-7127 - Deleting row above selected cell of a grid causes multiple cells to appear selected
  • EXTJSIV-7140 - Cannot call method 'getXY' of null error when scrolling buffered grid after creating new store with grid.reconfigure
  • EXTJSIV-7166 - Buffered Grid scrollTo does not always reach specified scrollTop on IE
  • EXTJSIV-7167 - Grid : Grid plugins : Unable to expand the gird rows when we lock all the columns in the grid.
  • EXTJSIV-7177 - Grids : Cell editing with grouping Feature. Navigation allowed into collapsed groups.
  • EXTJSIV-7211 - CellSelectionModel, grid editing plugin failed when used for TreePanel editing
  • EXTJSIV-7214 - Locking grid gets in infinite loop when column locked config is set to false
  • EXTJSIV-7225 - Grid: when using forceFit config, headers and columns are out of sync when resized
  • EXTJSIV-7238 - Able to hide all columns when the one remaining column is menuDisabled
  • EXTJSIV-7335 - Grid reconfigure without new store unbinds old store
  • EXTJSIV-7336 - Grid column with locked false causes stack overflow
  • EXTJSIV-7361 - Scroll delta difference when hovering locked and unlocked columns in FF15
  • EXTJSIV-7451 - propertygrid: enableColumnResize and enableColumnMove configs don't work
  • EXTJSIV-7495 - Grids:Grid Plugins: Double clicking on grid rows displays row expanded body with dotted line border
  • EXTJSIV-7519 - Girds : Gird Plugins Examples : Displaying Js error while scrolling down in the grid with keyboard key.
  • EXTJSIV-7569 - Table Views itemupdate event's node param is not a node associated with the view.
Layouts (3)
  • EXTJSIV-7231 - Showing/Hiding panel in borderLayout shows/hides all spliter on the same level
  • EXTJSIV-7358 - JavaScript error when grid toolbars switched (IE error only)
  • EXTJSIV-7403 - Overflow Tool bar : ">>" (Menu extend /Menu trigger) button is not working
MVC (3)
  • EXTJSIV-7308 - Controller classes not in a 'controller' namespace fail during class creation
  • EXTJSIV-7420 - Ext.application causes synchronous loading and mail fail on some models
  • EXTJSIV-7547 - Incorrect MVC namespace determined for some classes
Menu (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7265 - A checkbox is rendered on a checkmenuitem when the item is part of a radio group
  • EXTJSIV-7442 - A button with a menu crashes if all menu items are disabled and you tab from field
Misc (11)
  • EXTJSIV-4070 - Modal containers allow tab out.
  • EXTJSIV-5450 - Focus lost when error tooltip displayed on modal window/form
  • EXTJSIV-6845 - Locking Grouping Grid: It is possible to hide all columns, resulting in a zero width grid.
  • EXTJSIV-7157 - RowBody of a selected row doesn't look selected
  • EXTJSIV-7170 - Ext.data.Model destroy always sends delete request to server
  • EXTJSIV-7195 - HtmlEditor text area loses background color when using the highlight feature
  • EXTJSIV-7216 - Page analyzer gets stack overflow in IE8
  • EXTJSIV-7234 - BUGS: ExtJS API doc view -- error in IE8
  • EXTJSIV-7435 - Ext.selection.DataViewModel missing view render check
  • EXTJSIV-7460 - LoadMask always in front when owner has a parent container
  • EXTJSIV-7475 - Tabs -> Group Tabs: JS error is displayed while navigating between the various tabs in IE6 and IE7 browsers only
Panel (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7561 - 'body' missing in the docs of Panel
Tabs (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7320 - Tab Scroller Menu Plugin- Selected Tab is not activated
ToolTips (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7139 - Tooltips with header have no padding around tools
  • EXTJSIV-7221 - Error tooltip shown when no error
Tree (5)
  • EXTJSIV-7248 - Unable to sort tree node in an un-rendered tree
  • EXTJSIV-7321 - Tree view dragdrop does not copy a subtree
  • EXTJSIV-7341 - Tree node's expand icon disappears on select when loading is required to show children
  • EXTJSIV-7466 - TreeViewDragDrop plugin: configuration allowParentInserts is not working
  • EXTJSIV-7476 - When reloading a tree node, view throws TypeError from updateIndexes
Window (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7185 - Initially maximized window can still drag/resize
  • EXTJSIV-7229 - Stateful window shown with animation save position incorrectly