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Thread: Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

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    Default Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

    Hi All,

    I'd like to introduce my application build with GWT and GXT.

    GXT HRIS, is Human Resources Information System web application, it can be run on all J2EE servers and using MySQL for it's database server. So, that's really cost down for the enterprise running it's own HRIS solution.

    GXT HRIS shareware is available for download, with restriction 10 employees can be added into the system.

    WAR :
    DB Schema :


    modul admin

    • company info
      • general
      • locations
      • company structure
      • company property

    • job
      • job titles
      • job specifications
      • salary grades
      • employment status
      • eeo job categories
      • renumeration

    • qualification
      • education
      • licenses

    • skills
      • skills
      • languages

    • nationality & races
      • nationality
      • ethnic races

    • users
      • hr admin users
      • ess users
      • admin user groups

    • leave
      • holidays
      • leave types

    • project info
      • customers
      • projects
      • activity groups
      • activities

    • time
      • shifts
      • employee shift

    • performance
      • kpi groups

    • tax
      • ptkp
      • tax rate
      • ptt
      • employee ptt

    • system settings
      • menu
      • currency

    modul pim (personal information management)
    • employee list
    • add employee

    modul leave
    • employee leave summary
    • approval leave
    • leave list

    modul loan
    • approval loan
    • loan list

    modul time
    • submodul timesheet
      • timesheet
      • approval timesheet
      • project timesheet

    • submodul attendance
      • attendance
      • punch in/out

    modul performance
    • kpi
    • kpi assign
    • kpi approval
    • kpi employee

    modul ess (employee self service)
    • ess

    modul reports
    • employee information
    • employee attendance

    modul system
    • change password
    • logout


    Login Window



    Feel free to use and reply back for the problem occured

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    Default HRIS: Taking Human Resource Management to the Next Level

    We used to live in a time back then when you find employees standing on a queue at the office entrance where they sign their attendance on a register book, which can be really annoying and cost a lot of paperwork. Over the past decades, technology has improved by leaps and bounds and human resource management for any organisation has seen its developments which have revolutionized the workplace from where it was fifty years ago. The introduction of the HRIS has made life easier for both the employees and the management of an organisation.

    Read More:

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