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Thread: Ext.Data.Model.get() does not work for all fields

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    Default Ext.Data.Model.get() does not work for all fields

    I am upgrading an app to Sencha Touch and found that get() is no longer working.

    The data I have loaded is present in the "raw" property, but in the "data" property there is only the ID and the value of a property that has been modified using a method in the model.

    The get() method only looks at the "data" property, as is visible in the source code of Sencha Touch:

         * Returns the value of the given field
         * @param {String} fieldName The field to fetch the value for
         * @return {Object} The value
        get: function(fieldName) {
    I think the get() method should also look in the "raw"-object if the field is not present in the "data"-object.

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    Sounds like you don't have a field for some of your data or something is wrong (mapping etc). Can I get a test case to reproduce the issue?
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