Is it possible to add multiple grids to a single uiBinder ui.xml file? For example, I need to do something like this:

<gxt:ContentPanel ui:field="panel" headingText="Table 1"> <grid:Grid ui:field="grid1" cm="{cm1}" store="{store1}" view="{view1}" /> </gxt:ContentPanel>
<gxt:ContentPanel ui:field="panel" headingText="Table 2"> <grid:Grid ui:field="grid2" cm="{cm2}" store="{store2}" view="{view2}"/> </gxt:ContentPanel>

And when I try to compile and run, it requires me to add an @UiFactory to initialize the column model, store and view. However I can only initialize one of each. If I initialize them for table 1, then table 2 displays the column model, store and view from table 1. Has anyone done this before and if so, what am I doing wrong?