What happened to SoC?

This is a fantastic framework in every respect bar one.

Feature request: Abstract.Component: senchaStyling: on/off

Stuff like this:
Hard-coded width's in components (textboxes, labels, everything) makes it an absolute nightmare to create self-styled forms. I even found a width=18px, not even a style attribute (textbox error icon).
SASS, whilst great for building the framework is not an end-user tool IMO. Trying to fathom dependencies is nigh on impossible. I thought I would start with nothing css-wise and add the bits I needed - Lordy, what you have to bring to get a simple alert window on screen (core, window, qtip, frame, header, form, focus, messagebox etc). How many divs can a window need!? Oh, look, now form is in there and boom, there goes my styling.This is absolutely typical of a framework that has so many options, the html output is a nasty splat.

I'm having to override labelable templates, yank styles out of ext.css using deleteRule and fiddle fiddle fiddle to get my styles right because of x-this and x-that flippin well eveywhere.

I have wasted man-weeks on this single issue and it is near as damn it the thing that will make me down tools and jump to a-nother JS-lib.

Someone invented CSS and MVC to separate style from code and markup, but here I am battling against this very problem those things were meant to solve.

Rant over.