I have written and Ext/JS application, and this is my first one. I was working with a gentleman that was very knowledgeable about it. He has now left the company I work for. The biggest issue I am seeing at this point is in IE 8 and before. When I enter some fields on the page, it submits everything fine and I get results. When I go back to the same page and enter some new information, IE does not pick up the changes that are made and submits the same request. I have checked and there are no java script errors being taken. I can see in the request my field values are not being pulled from the page. Any ideas?

Also, is there a way to make this faster in IE? In IE 9, it seems to be okay but in anything prior it is super slow. In Firefox and Chrome it takes awhile but it is much faster than IE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.