Hi guys,

I'm using architect on a fairly large project now. I've many button instances and I have had problems with them regarding responsiveness..Luckily I've found "FixedButton" a component written by a user that worked quite better.
The way I used that was to include in on the top level of my view in Architect, and drag it to some other nested views, selecting a "linked instance" connection. This worked.

However this didn't change all the other occasions where a button is used, including sencha's built in components, like Messagebox etc.

So I was thinking of overriding the button class, but regarding the config object it had some issues, which I couldn't figure out how to solve.

What is the standard way of doing that?

The other issue I'm having is to be able to extend an already extended component..For example: I create a custom component, add some function to it, add it to the toolbox. At this point I can't add a new view component that extends that custom component..if I make it as a custom view class I can set it's base class, but I can't drag it to an inner view component..Can this be done with override somehow?