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Thread: send multiple / additional parameters to Jersey configured service method using model

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    Default Unanswered: send multiple / additional parameters to Jersey configured service method using model

    Hello There,
    I have tried a lot to send additional parameters to Jersey configured service methods from extraParams will not work in this case, because we are using DaoHandler (which is not a servlet, but a simple java class) in server side and the must land to the exact method. But I didn't find any solution in the web and ultimately find a solution of my own. This trick really works for me.

    ----------The Model----------
    Ext.define('MyApp.model.MyTestModel', {
    extend: '',

    fields: [
    name: 'dtoName',
    type: 'string'
    name: 'errorMessage',
    type: 'string'
    name: 'empId',
    type: 'int'
    name: 'accountsList',
    type: 'auto'
    name: 'countryNamesList',
    type: 'auto'
    name: 'accountRecord',
    type: 'auto'

    proxy: {
    type: 'rest',
    url: 'http://localhost:8888/DirectExtJs/rest/QuickReg/myTestMethod',
    headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    reader: {
    type: 'json'
    --------End of Model----------

    -----Button Click Handler--------
    var myAccountRecord = function (firstName){
    this.firstname = firstName;
    this.lastname = Ext.getCmp('txtAccountLastName').value;
    this.startdate = Ext.getCmp('dtAccountStartDate').value;
    this.accountdesc = Ext.getCmp('txtAccountDescription').value;
    var accountData = new myAccountRecord('SAMUDRANIL');
    var accountData1 = new myAccountRecord('SAMUDRANIL1111');
    var accountData2 = new myAccountRecord('SAMUDRANIL2222');
    var accountData3 = new myAccountRecord('SAMUDRANIL3333');
    var accountData4 = new myAccountRecord('SAMUDRANIL4444');

    var accountList = [accountData1,accountData2,accountData3,accountData4];

    var myTestModel = Ext.create('MyApp.model.MyTestModel');
    myTestModel.set('dtoName', "MyDTO");
    myTestModel.set('errorMessage', "This is a error");
    myTestModel.set('empId', 10);
    myTestModel.set('accountsList', accountList);
    myTestModel.set('accountRecord', accountData);

    var jsonStr = Ext.JSON.encode(accountData);
    var jsonStr2 = Ext.JSON.encode(accountData); //this can be any other object

    var newURL = myTestModel.proxy.url;
    newURL = newURL + '/' + jsonStr + '/' + jsonStr2;
    myTestModel.proxy.url = newURL;{
    success : function(quickRegModel, operation){
    var jsonData = Ext.JSON.decode(operation.response.responseText);
    Ext.Msg.alert('Success', 'Customer Created Successfully');
    failure: function(response, operation) {
    alert('Customer Creation Failed.');
    ------End of Button Click Handler------

    -----Service class(DaoHandler)--------
    public class JCQuickRegistrationUnicornDAOHandler
    @Consumes({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML })
    @Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML }) // JERSEY
    public static String myTestMethod( MyTestDto testDto, @PathParam("arnab") String mystr, @PathParam("samudra") String yourstr) throws Exception
    Gson gson = new Gson();
    CcAccount acc1 = gson.fromJson(mystr, CcAccount.class);
    CcAccount acc2 = gson.fromJson(yourstr, CcAccount.class);

    testDto.setDtoName("Amar DTO@" + acc1.getFirstname() + "@" + acc2.getLastname());

    String jsonString = gson.toJson(testDto);

    return jsonString;

    -----End of Service class(DaoHandler)--------

    Hope This will help you...............

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    Tried passing in params?

        params : {
            foo : 'bar'
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