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Thread: Synchronising multiple data stores with a single request

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    Default Synchronising multiple data stores with a single request

    I would like to send records from 2 related stores to the server with a single request. The reason being is that I want the records to be created as part of the same transaction on the server, as well as reduce the number of requests needed as I could see that a single action on the client my affect many stores in the future. I understand that models on the client can have associations, does this in any way facilitate my requirements? I also understand that a model or store has its own proxy and it doesin't seem like there is a way to create a third proxy that is consious of more than model/store at the same time.

    For example I might have a customer model and a order model. When a new customer places an order I want only one request going to the server containing the customer and order details. Tomorrow this request may contain a customer, order, order items, item configuration, payment details, shipping details and any number of other objects.

    Anyone have any experience with something like this or any thoughts on how to facilitate using the data store/model pattern in Sencha Touch?
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