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Thread: How to handle included custom view's presenter

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    Default How to handle included custom view's presenter

    I am newbie to GXT and I have issue with developing Custom widget and it is to be included in main view. I am having two separate presenters for each. While invoking Main presenter, I have the instance of child view's presenter as well. But while loading the view, it is generating one more instance of custom view, so that I am loosing that's presenter's instance there. So that I am not able to have RPC calls through that presenter. If anyone can help me in this regard ASAP would be appreciated more.

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    I'm not sure I follow what you're saying or the problem you're having. It is difficult to render assistance when your explanation involves terminology that may only make sense to you, the submitter.

    I would encourage you to use more specific terms. E.g., "I have a SimpleContainer that I'm placing in a Viewport and then adding to the RootPanel. In this SimpleContainer, I add a HorizontalLayoutContainer and add two widgets: one is a custom widget that does xxx, and the other is a yyy. The problem I am having is that when I do zzz, I am unable to ..."

    Please rephrase your issue so that we, the community can provide better assistance. In essense:

    What is your main view?
    What is your main presenter?
    What is your child view?
    What is your custom view?

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