We've integrated Sencha Touch 2.1 and Sencha Cmd 3.0 into Architect.

We are releasing the installers today for the early adopters, please report any issues that you may encounter.

We will be pushing out an auto update within the week to everyone on the 2.1.0-stable channel.

For more details please check out the blog post:

And the release notes for 670:
  • Added support for Sencha Touch 2.1 (including charts)
  • Improved deployment and integration with Sencha Cmd V3
  • Templates will now indicate errors
  • Fixed a issue with getting Xml response data in Ext JS 4.1 projects
  • Added support for wildcard (*) in requires config
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while configuring certain layouts
  • userAlias now allow for dots except for Views
  • Fixed a focusing issue when the inspector is aligned left
  • Sencha Architect executables and installers are now digitally signed
  • Fixed an upgrade issue with Ext JS 4.1 and certain panel configurations