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Thread: GroupingView - Custom Sort on GroupBy Column?

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    Default Answered: GroupingView - Custom Sort on GroupBy Column?

    This strikes me as very simple, yet how to do this is eluding me.

    Suppose we a table/grid with 3 columns:
    - Group name (String)
    - Field name (String)
    - Field value (String)

    I want to sort by 1) group then 2) name. Seems simple, right?

    Creating the requisite ListStore, ColumnConfigs, Grid, and StoreSortInfo objects, I can achieve the sort ordering I want in the standard GridView.

    When I change the Grid's view to a GroupingView, specifying the groupBy as (obviously) group name, my custom sorting now seems to be ignored. I can easily go back and forth comparing the grid views, and the behavior works as expected in a regular GridView, but the sorting on the groupBy field seems to be ignored by the GroupingView.

    Any clues on what detail I'm missing to sort the groupBy column for a GroupingView?

  2. I was referring to doing a local sort and I've figured out the detail. The createStoreSortInfo reference was the clue, thanks.

    I had done the sorting via:
    StoreSortInfo<Model> sortInfo = new StoreSortInfo<Model>(modelValueProvider, modelComparator, SortDir.ASC);
    Instead, it must be done on the column config:
    ColumnConfig<Model, String> modelColumnConfig = new ColumnConfig<Model, String>(modelValueProvider);
    GroupingView doesn't look at the first sort to see if that is correct, it automatically generates one by grabbing the Comparator from the ColumnConfig (which I had not set, and so I got the default sorting).

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