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Thread: [BUG]GXT 3 russian locale file

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    Default [BUG]GXT 3 russian locale file

    Required Information Version(s) of Ext GWT GXT 3.0.1 GPL Release Browser versions and OS (and desktop environment, if applicable)
    any Virtual Machine No Description Russian locale file provides only partial localization to GXT widgets and applications Run mode both Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. Run example grid with filters enabled provided by GXT examples application
    2. Open a column's header menu. The word 'Filters...' is not localized. Neither is any filter field empty text or field label
    3. Running to localization of origional en_US locale file I've found other things not localized (such as embedded textarea editor toolbox items

    Expected result Localization file should provide as many localization parameters as defined by at least original (default) locale Actual result Some (about a half) of i18n parametrized textual constants are not provided bu russian locale file (and falled back to en_US default locale file) Test case
    Sencha's example project
    Helpful Information
    Screenshot or video Live test Debugging already done
    • Our project looks fully localized after providing corrected localization file

    Possible fix
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