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    Default Answered: ListFilter<T> on related entity proxy....

    How to do this:

    I have an entity like this one:

    public String getProperty1...
    public String setProperty1

    public MyOtherBean getMyOtherBean...
    public setMyOtherBean(MyOtherBean)

    public interface MyEntityProperties extends PropertyAccess<MyEntity> {
    ModelKeyProvider<MyEntity> key();

    ValueProvider< MyEntity, String> property1();
    ValueProvider<MyEntity, MyOtherBean> myOtherBean();

    Now, with this kind of a bean, there is no problem setting the SimpleComboBox<MyOtherBean> as editor for that editing is working without problems,but how to filter it?

    If I put the ListFilter<MyOtherBean>.....and fill the associated store to hold a list of MyOtherBean entities,
    then in Filter I get the list of MyOtherBean entities,but it displays only their .toString() representation, which obviously is not what I want. Instead, I want it to display some field that I want it to use as display property(for example MyOtherBean.getProperty1()).

    How to achieve this?
    I was thinking about not using the

    ValueProvider<MyEntity, MyOtherBean> myOtherBean();

    in PropertyAccess, but instead, refer directly to the field I want displayed, like this:

    ValueProvider<MyEntity, String> myOtherBeansProperty();

    but then, what would I need to do to make editing work,because I guess it would only edit the "property1" from MyOtherBean and not update the whole MyBean.MyOtherBean entity.
    I mean, maybe I can bypass this, but I just wanted to know what would be the "right" way of doing this?


  2. I ended up doing my own implementation of ListFilter<T> and ListMenu<M,V> classes.

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