Hi Community,

i'm quite new to Sencha GXT and really like it.
Though, I'm having a problem concerning the color of a ProgressBar's cell residing inside a grid.
I was not able to find hints in the internet to solve this issue.

To style the progressbar a new Appearance was created. This appearance uses a
CustomProgressBar.css file.
My resources interface, extending ProgressBarResource looks like this:

    public interface ProgressBarCustomizedResource extends ClientBundle, ProgressBarResources {
        public ProgressBarStyle style();
        public ImageResource bar();
Here a bar() method is defined. I thought that could be used to change the image of the progressbar to get i.e. a red bar instead of a blue or gray one.

However I have no idea of how to change the bar color with this ImageResource.
Maybe I have to override the render()-method of the default appearance?

Is there an easier way to accomplish a color-change of the progressbar?

any hint is very appreciated

kind regards,