I'm curently testing Architect to determine if we go on Sencha Dev environment. I'm trying to make sencha Architect use sencha Cmd pakaging tools to build web production output, as well as an android app.
On linux, I've installed :
Sencha Architect
sencha Cmd

in sencha architect, I've configured the Cmd plugin, in package > setup and I finally run
"# sencha generate app MyApp /path/to/my/app" to create a SenchaCmd enabled project around my already existing project (created previously with Architect)

When I try to build from Architect, it take 2 sec, and no build directory created
When I run form command line "sencha app build production" it fails in building :

[INF] sass:
[INF] -before-sass:
[INF] -sass:
[INF] [shellscript] identical ../css/app.css
[INF] -after-sass:
[INF] page:
[INF] -before-page:
[INF] -page:
[INF] building application
.... traceback ....
[ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/secure/openshift/dev/mobile/.sencha/app/build-impl.xml:120: javax.script.ScriptException: sun.org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: SyntaxError: il manque '}' aprs une liste de proprits (<Unknown source>#22(eval)#19) in <Unknown source>#22(eval) at line number 19

How ca I get a web production build (with compression, sass,...) form Sencha Architect