I have a Sencha ExtJS 4.0.7 project. Nothing fancy, a few tabs, a few grids, backing stores, etc.

The grids use paging toolbars. These paging toolbars, and several other miscellaneous buttons, fail to load in Internet Explorer 8 if, and only if, the application is accessed via a true host name such as http://scottj/app.html. The application loads and works correctly if accessed via http://localhost/app.html.

I've never seen anything quite like this. The machine is running Windows 7, the application is hosted on a Tomcat 6 server running under my own user account, and both the above URLs point to this, my own machine. I've examined both the localhost and machine-name traffic with Fiddler and notice no differences. I've examined the javascript for any hard-coded paths that might cause this and found none.

Any assistance appreciated.