I have a workspace with an ext app in it. The ext app was generated with Cmd 3 build 141.
At some point I installed Cmd build 181 and ran 'upgrade'. It completed but overwrote files.
I was able to replace the files and move on.

Now, I have installed Cmd build 250, and I have downloaded a licensed version of Ext JS.
When I run $ sencha app upgrade -path /path/to/extjs (from the app dir), it fails with an error:
Cannot find ....${framework.config.dir}/plugin.xml (from workspace/plugin.xml)

So, I hard coded the path in workspace/plugin.xml:
<project basedir=".">
<import file="/Users/me/bin/Sencha/Cmd/ "/>

That got me past that error, but now it throws:
Failed to resolve dependency Ext.app.Controller for file MyApp.controller.MainDataController

Leaving me stumped.

Should I not bother with 'upgrade'?
What does it do, so I can do it manually?

Thank you!