Using Sencha Cmd, and ExtJS 4.1.1a
This is very confusing.

The docs say:

cd /path/to/MyApp
sencha theme build default
This will place the sliced images in the "./resources/css/default" folder alongside the CSS file generated by SASS. This approach reduces the size of the CSS file since all image paths are relative to the CSS file location.
That would be:
[public]/resources/css/mytheme/images go here
But it seems that it has to be:
and even more confusing,
When I run:
sencha theme build mytheme
The images are created as:
(this is not what the Docs says).

As you can see, the resources directory is inside "MyApp" directory. Not only that, based on the docs, I would expect the images here:
[public]/resources/css/mytheme/images here...

Please clarify. Why all this discrepancy ?

Also, when I build the css with compass compile, can you explain me howExtJS decides when to use the slices ? I guess it detects if it is IE, but then, in which path it looks for the images ?
The generated "mytheme" CSS, which is located at:

and is looking for images at:

But I would expect the CSS to point to:

Currently there's no guide that can clarify all these issues.

Seems that te most updated guide is this:!.../command_theme

But again, not clear and inconsistent.