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    Default Unanswered: Date column in the grid displaying date as in String

    Hello Team,

    With respect to the request raised in Q&A(

    We having an issue with the Date column in the grid. We using a custom datepicker which will show only the MONTH and YEAR. Our system will calculate the date depends on the requirements.

    My grid has the date value, when i want to modify it by clicking the datepicker, the datepicker is not showing the cell date value, instead it is displaying blank for the first time. And then it is displaying the selected value in the datepicker on further modification.

    Please note:
    The same datepicker is used by another grid by the xtype as datacolumn where it is working fine as expected. We are facing the issue only in the dynamic grid.And also the format config is not working for the Date column, so we converting the date value as per our desired format dd-mmm-yyyy by a function and it will return the value as string.

    Find the screen shot attached for this issue.
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