hi all,
i have a method here i do mapping of a tab name to a specific controller, for some tabs i have mapped corresponding controller , i want something like " for all the other tabs map 'Summary.DynamicTabController' as the default controller " .
something like : this.controllerNameMap['all_other_tabs'] = Summary.DynamicTabController';

createControllerMap: function() {
        this.controllerNameMap = new Array();
        this.controllerNameMap['Summary'] = 'Summary.SummaryController';
        this.controllerNameMap['Equipment'] = 'Equipment.EquipmentController';
        this.controllerNameMap['Traffic'] = 'Traffic.TrafficController';
        this.controllerNameMap['Client'] = 'Client.ClientController';
        this.controllerNameMap['RF'] = 'RF.RFController';
        this.controllerNameMap['NewTab1'] = 'Summary.DynamicTabController';     
Pls help me .Thanks in advance