Build: 640

In an ext js project I have included a css resource with url "main.css".

Now I have modified the css file in sencha architect, and want to append a GET Parameter v=1 to ensure loading the actual CSS file in the project after deploying. So the URL config of the resource is now "main.css?v=1".

Now Sencha Architect creates a new file with name "main.css?v=1" instead using the existing main.css and ignore the parameter.

The result in the browser is the expected, since main.css still exists, and the configured href Path is now "main.css?v=1".

It is only annoying, that I can't edit the main.css file any more in Architect, and the fact that there exists a empty "main.css?v=1" file.

Is this behavior a bug, or are there better ways to ensure the loading of actual resource files?

Thank You,