I need help.. again -.- If you know something, just post, whatever you can, i will definitely read it!

So i am having a grid which it aoutoload and i use a loadMask which is configured by myself like this:
PHP Code:
    loadMask: new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), {
msg '<p align="center">Lade Daten... </p><br>'
'<button class="x-btn-wrap x-btn billWide x-btn-text" onclick="'
So, what i want is to set the loadMask to the grid with id: 'grid' but it doesnt work. When i put instead of Ext.getBody() -> Ext.getCmp('Grid'), it doesnt reconize it and than ii doesnt unmask the grid.

Whats the difference betwenn el and dom ?

Can someone tell me if -> Ext.getCmp("grid") == Mixed: el <- is or whats the difference to this ->Ext.getBody() <- ?

The API say this:

newExt.LoadMask( el, config ) : Ext.LoadMaskCreate a new LoadMask
Available since: Ext 1

  • el : MixedThe element or DOM node, or its id <-- whats this ?
  • config : ObjectThe config object <-- whats this ?



Please Help, im very very deseperate